Pedicurist - Gurgaon - Male

Gurugram, Haryana, India Full-time

Each technician has to sanitize their tools (using barbicide) after every client

He/she should sanitize their hands in front of the client before the services are started

The technicians are not allowed to use the towels (for mani/pedi services) from the warmers

He/she is responsible to give a detailed consultation to the client. The consultation should include questions like whether the guest is allergic to any particular product and does he have any ailments like diabetes

While giving massage its mandatory for the technician to ask whether the pressure applied on foot/hand is ok or not

Each technician has to wear clean/ironed uniforms and polished shoes. He/she should always be well groomed.

Deodorants/mouthwash to be used as and when required

Technicians cannot chew chewing gum while servicing the client

Must also carry out another duties related to the smooth operations of the store and company.

General Responsibilities

Projects a polished, professional image at all times

Must be current on Company product pricing and product offering

Has a thorough knowledge of, adheres to and enforces Company policies and procedures.

Maintains a positive relationship with the rest of the staff. Supports other staff in achieving their goals

Participates in all scheduled meetings as directed by the other departments.